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Vital Tooth Therapy

Vital Tooth Therapy

Most people do not like visiting the dentist, especially to get a root canal treatment. At Hawaii Endodontics, we are determined to give you the best endodontic care. We have a new treatment option that will save the pulp in the tooth instead of removing all of it in a complete root canal. This treatment is known as vital tooth therapy.

Vital tooth therapy is useful for anyone who requires a root canal but would benefit from continued root growth and development, particularly younger patients. The treatment promotes saving the non-inflamed healthy pulp by removing only the unhealthy inflamed tissue By keeping the pulp intact, the tooth can continue to develop and grow stronger.

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The endodontists at Hawaii Endodontics have all received 2 to 3 years of additional dental training to accurately diagnose and skillfully perform vital tooth therapy. We have locations in Honolulu, HI; Kailua, HI; and Pearlridge, HI. Feel free to schedule an appointment at whichever office is most convenient for you. You can contact us here.

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